Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nature Inspired: Project Grow- Hilton Garden Inn NYC

In May we see the Spring in full bloom and it compells us to showcase our nature inspired projects and design features.  We kick off the month with Project Grow our Hilton Garden Inn renovation we recently finished which was designed with nature in mind.  Nature-inspired does not always mean bringing in live plants or filling a space with flowers.  In the case of the Hilton Garden Inn we brought in gorgeous lighting and created a feature wall using nature photography to create the relaxed feeling of being surrounded by natural elements.

The inspiration behind the designers idea: The product was intended to evoke the visual quality of how the sun being viewed through the trees of a forest where the sun is obscured and the many leaves offer only a partial view of the sun and create calming patterns of light and shadow, the 3 layers of the laser cut acrylic offer a obscured view of the light source with a diffused, calming light and shadow pattern. Lighting by Louis Poulsen.

The Garden Wall is a custom-sized wall covering that creates a stunning accent piece further marrying the indoor and outdoor. The photographer of the images used for the Garden Wall pieces, Cheryl Maeder, is inspired by the nature around us and aspires to bring the outside in.