Thursday, June 26, 2014

Designer's Best Picks: George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa & Bubble Lamps

Much to my surprise as I was visiting a museum recently that 2 of my favorite George Nelson designs were featured pieces.  I have used the Nelson Marshmallow Sofa in the lobby of a commercial building and by using his Bubble Lamps in a staggered design in a hotel lobby, have inspired other hotels in the chain to adopt a similar design for their own lobbies.  This inspired me to highlight them as my Designer's Best Picks!

Designed by George Nelson and Irving Harper, this sofa has been turning heads since 1956.  This vintage classic looks straight out of a modern day design studio.  I love how each of the 18 discs looks as if they are floating and that reviews of the sofa report it is surprisingly comfortable.  Then again, how could it not be with a name like Nelson Marshmallow Sofa!

George Nelson created the Bubble Lamp line in 1947 and it was sold through Howard Miller until the mid 1970's.  Another ageless design with soft curves and delicate features, the lamps are perfect for grouping in different shapes and sizes to create a staggered chandelier.  Each lamp gives off a soft and even light tone which is always welcoming in any space.

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