Friday, August 22, 2014

Designer's Best Pick - Decorative Tape

One of my favorite decorator secrets is tape. Decorative tape is such a wonderful way to add accent to an otherwise plain item and make it your own design.  Below are examples of Brimar's tape, which I have used for similar applications.      

One of my favorite ways to use the flat decorative tape is for lamp shades.  Lamp bases are always so interesting and often the shades are too ordinary for the decorative plan.  Using the tape can really transform any lamp into a unique accent.

Another favorite use of decorative tape is for adding flare to pillows.  Tape is actually sewn on to the pillows.  In the case of this one, it added a beautiful edging and making adjustments like this creates the perfect piece for the space.  

The use of tape as a wall trim is also a very interesting application.  This photo looks like a textured wall fabric as the background, bordered by the tape and then accented with wood trim.  One of the best parts of decorative tape is the versatility and creativity that it allows for the designer.  

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