Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Four Days to Fabulous - Hospitality Venue Gets a Facelift

We were recently asked by a reception hall venue to give their vestibule lobby entrance a refreshed design.  For hospitality venues, it is really best to freshen up the space at least every 6-7 years to stay current and keep it looking new as clientele are constantly turning over.  Fresh is a key word in hospitality as you want your guests to feel welcome, light and airy as they utilize your hall.

We met with the client and started, as we always do, with drawings and renderings.  While these drawings may look simple, they are well planned and meticulously laid out starting points for the design.  My team puts in hours upon hours of research and design work for each client even before the paint brushes the walls.

These particular drawings showcase the stages of presentation to the client prior to final materials being ordered and installed.  With these drawings, we present samples of color, wall covering, fabrics along with photos of products we suggest for the space.  This creates a whole picture for the client of what they can expect to see in the finished product.

The floor plan is constructed first through precise measurements of the current space taking into consideration current locations of walls, doors, windows, staircases, exit signs, and any additional structures or designs that are staying in the space.  From those stationary elements we incorporate our design elements to compliment and enhance the space.

The final product is always amazing to see - for us and the clients.  While we provide tools for visualization prior to work starting, it is the final reveal of the space that is awe inspiring.  For this project we were given a very quick deadline - we started on a Monday and had to finish on Thursday night as the venue had a party booked on Friday morning.  It was quite a challenge but in the end, all were pleased with the results.

Can you see a shimmer on the walls?  That effect is thanks to award-winning designer Patty Madden through Luxe Surfaces who created this eco-friendly paper with a linen back and reflective pattern to create a shimmer that actually gives the walls movement as you travel throughout the space.  It is an amazing effect.

We created small gathering spaces throughout the large room to help direct guests to congregation areas as to keep what could be potential heavy traffic areas clear.  This allows guests to feel comfortable while other events, like photos of the bride and groom, are taking place on the grand staircase (a favorite photo op among clients). 

Take a closer look at the crown molding and the trim work.  It is painted with Benjamin Moore's 'Milkshake White' in a high gloss coat.  The finish was the perfect compliment to the shimmer of the wall covering.

Lighting is important, especially in a space that fluctuates in the number of patrons.  These particular sconces help maximize the reflection throughout the space without blinding someone standing close by.  We went with a unique combination of nickel finish to create reflection and amber crystal to exude warmth.  This mirrored console table serves as a light reflector as well as a anchor for the art and lighting.  
 The arm chairs are white leather and adorned with light comfortable accent pillows.  The riveted edging is yet another way to reflect light. The artwork throughout is beautiful and neutral, as is all of the furnishings.  The purpose of this space is to be the perfect compliment to any occasion.