Thursday, September 4, 2014

Organized Delight: A Closet to Dream About

We just finished a remodel on a studio apartment that had a major storage issue.  There were three storage areas off the one side wall and they were all small, dark and mostly unusable.  So in came our team, down came the walls and viola!  A fabulous studio closet that is organized and full of surprises!

 Our client requested we use built ins by California Closets which really turned out beautifully.  I worked with one of their professionals to design the layout of the clothes area.  We used cabinetry that matched the vanity in the bathroom - it is always important in a small space to coordinate materials to make the space feel larger.

Keeping a majority of the cabinetry open helps create an airy, open space.  It is wonderful to be able to see a majority of your options while still maintaining the serenity of an organized space.  Being able to add a chair or bench in a dressing area is always such a luxury - it is a piece you can really play with to add style or whimsy to the space.

Natural light is key in a closet space whenever possible.  Not only does it keep the space looking fresh and bright, but it also gives you an accurate look at the colors and shades of the clothing when dressing for the day.  These blinds are part of the Hunter Douglas Precious Metal collection and are exquisite.

A gorgeous plush carpet finished off the space.  Having the softness and warmth under your feet while surrounded by the rich woodwork and beautifully organized space, adds a bit of luxury to your morning!

 Keeping your clothes organized is just the beginning in this closet.  We reserved a small portion of the space for the laundry area.  A small stack-able laundry unit is perfect for this space and allows for a small utility sink which is always useful.  We used a tile flooring in this part of the overall closet space for easy clean up and to add separation to the 2 areas within the closet.

We continued with the California Closet cabinetry hung on the sides for additional storage and as a place to hang shirts to dry.  A hamper is underneath to have dirty clothes at the ready for washing.  The location of the shoe shelf is a perfect spot because it also allows a space to fold or lay newly dried clothes that need to be put away.  When you design a studio space, efficiency is key and having a laundry room in the closet makes it much easier to keep things neat and tidy.

Another great organizational tool on the far left wall is part of The Container Store's Elfa System.  This wall mounted organization board provides versatility in attachments from hooks to clips to shelves to baskets and can be adjusted as your organizational needs change.

Finally, on the left is a vented home entertainment rack by Sanus.  On the back side of this wall is a mounted flat screen tv with nothing else because all of the wires are strung through the wall to the boxes organized in this unit.  Inside this neat black box are 2 gaming systems, a cable box, a receiver with radio for music, and a universal remote set up to control it all no matter where in the studio you are.

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