Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dwell on Design: The Next Generation Design Experience

This past week I attended the 'Dwell on Design event in Soho, NYC. Dwell Media found a unique way to put a spin on a  traditional design show and make it so much more. 

Hot button topics such as learning spaces, hospitality venues, public spaces, and urban infrastructure were all discussed in panels and candid conversations. 

The design installations were just as inspiring as the discussions and debates of the panels.

Winter was in the air the day we attended the show and I was drawn to this living wall by plant wall design. Their plant wall designs can be installed indoors and outdoors and enhances the beauty of any space it inhabits. 

Ideapaint truly got our gears turning and inspired conceptual ideas for areas in an upcoming project. This company's materials can transforms not only walls, but any surface into a boundless dry erase canvas, giving you the space you need to create, connect and fully explore your big ideas.