Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thankful for....Advances in Lighting and Technology

Continuing in our thankful mood we feel it is important to share our gratitude for innovations in lighting and technology for design.  These are some of our favorite ways we have utilized these advances.

The creation of LED lighting opened many an imaginative mind in the design world.  One of our favorite features is the easy way to install uplights in tray ceilings and on top of crown molding.

We have used this in many of our hospitality designs and love being able to apply it to residential designs.  In the case of this little girl's room, we add LEDs that change color which was a big hit with our little client!

Another way that LEDs have transformed the design world is with its application into wall paper.  LED lights and crystals are attached to this wall covering that when installed, creates a low light and the idea of movement on the walls.  It is a great way to add lighting to a space that may normally be dark.

Another wonderful advancement in technology is digital printing.  We recently used Cheryl Maeder's wall covering which she created from her own original photographs. She adapts the photographs with color and then prints to the buyer's specifications.  It is such an amazing way to display art.

The ability to create everything micro and featherweight is also helpful in design.  Televisions used to be such cumbersome pieces to include in a designed space but with newer, lighter flat panels TVs can be easily added to any room without compromising the overall design.

With advancements in technology has come advancements in technology storage.  This is one of our favorite pieces we have used in a small studio.  It is a tower about the size of a small wine fridge that we were able to store in a closet. The cabinet stores all of the electronics including sound systems, cable boxes, and gaming systems while allowing for wireless access in the main space.

We love to be inspired by the creativity of others and love being able to incorporate it into our designs.  Tech and design are definitely in the courting stage but we think they make a beautiful match.  We can't wait to see what the design world will come up with next!

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