Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thankful for...Clients

This November we are not waiting for perfect turkeys and sides to be thankful.  We want to spend the entire month in gratuitous bliss and hope that we inspire all of our readers to do the same!

We are first and foremost thankful for our clients.  Without each of them we wouldn't be here so we are deeply appreciative of them.  To show our thanks, we are posting some of our favorite photos from each of our categories of design.  Take a look and share a comment with us about what makes you thankful this season!  (we hope it is something like "inspiring blog posts!")

This project at the Millienium NYC gave us an amazing open space and a view that every designer wants to work with.  We had fun using pieces to define the different areas of the space, living room, dining area, kitchen.  Inspired by the warmth of the gorgeous wood floors, we used warm tones all around the space.  We love how this project turned out and are grateful for all of the positive response that it got within the design community.

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We had to include our office building for the commercial side.  We were asked to design the entrance, lobby and conference rooms in the building we work it.  It is amazing to walk into a space daily and be surrounded by your own work.  It reminds us everyday that what we do adds beauty to the world and inspires us to be bold.

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When it comes to hospitality, we couldn't just choose one project.  We really love creating clubhouse spaces because of the challenge to create a space that can house people at a commercial capacity while still feeling like home.  We find it gratifying to know that so many people will fill the spaces we create to mingle, talk about their golf scores (or avoid them), play cards, or just converse.  We know that these clubhouses are spaces that make people happy when they are in them and we are grateful to know that our designs can be a part of that.

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We have designed many medical spaces including receptions, exam rooms and even luxury suites.  We always try to bring in natural elements to create a calming and comfortable effect from the moment patients walk into the space.  We love designing medical spaces because we love using those nature inspired elements and knowing that our design is helping patients feel welcome and at ease.

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Working on hotels is always such a rewarding experience.  It allows us as designers to work on several large scale rooms at once, to create moods with atmosphere and get creative in space planning.  We loved working on the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island and collaborating with the owners to showcase their extensive and beautiful art collection.  We also love that is gave us the opportunity to highlight great designers like Cheryl Maeder (garden wall wallcovering), Peter Sandback (original nail art coffee tables), Louis Poulsen (lobby lighting) and many more.

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As we mentioned above, without our amazing clients we wouldn't be where we are today.  You give us new opportunities to create and you inspire us with your ideas and your grace.  Thank you!