Friday, December 5, 2014

Marsala: Pantone's Color of the Year 2015

Pantone's Color of the Year 2015 is Marsala and is described as "A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls."  Designer Susan Arann agrees.

"First and foremost, I love Marsala.  The deep wine reds are some of my favorite colors to work with as a designer.  It is such a versatile palette and looks great in almost any design style.  We have been utilizing similar colors in many of our designs and love to see it showcased by Pantone.  The team always feels energized by the Pantone Color of the Year and Marsala definitely inspires us.  We look forward to finding new ways to use it in our designs."  -- Susan Arann, ASID, CID

We have included some photos of spaced designed by American & International Designs Inc. to help inspire our readers to utilize this fabulous Color of 2015!

 On The Wall
Using a bold color on the walls can sometimes be nerve wrecking for clients, however, when the design comes together and the results are as striking as some of the spaces below, those bold colors become the anchor that saves the space as opposed to the one around its proverbial neck.

Using a wine red  on the bottom portion of the wall paired with the color block draperies and accents like the paint brushes help to enhance the earthy stone around the fireplace, pulling the rich, darker shades of stone to the foreground.

The accent wall is always a classic and bold move for a space, especially to accent architectural detail.  Pairing this deep hue with something lighter to contrast will make an even more dramatic statement.  Breaking up the wall with trim work will make both pop.

In the case of this hotel lobby, the space was large enough to take on such a strong, warm color.  Ample light and complimentary colors in furnishings and fabrics help to keep the space airy while still creating a cozy space for guests to relax.

On The Seats
Bold seating is a great way to add color to a space.  What these colorful couches add to the space is an instant statement and the ability to allow other pieces to define the overall character of the room. 

While these sofas are bold, they are solid.  They create an anchor piece for the space to transform itself into a variety of spaces.  Notice that these are both deep red sofas and yet each of these spaces are uniquely different.  The earthy tone that Marsala will bring to spaces will create that same anchor.

Pillow Talk
We predict that Marsala will be a big color in the fabric and pillow industry.  That is not to say that every pillow will be a solid, deep wine color.  As you can see from the below photos, this rich hue can be incorporated into many designs ... ahem ... seamlessly.

A leather pillow adds a masculine touch to the space.  Using other fabrics, like the woven place mats in the same color help to tie the two clearly defined spaces together. Hints of the earthy color palette in the painting bring the space together.

Adding rich toned, satin fabrics to this mix of pillows and bedroom colors help to ground the design.  Earthy tones, as they should, will help keep a space from becoming "too much".

Pairing this rich reddish tone with neutrals really makes the color pop.  Tying the pillows into the pillar and the nearby chairs makes for one cohesively designed space.

Adding a rich bold color, doesn't have to mean a solid block of it.  The subtle stripes in these accent pillows set as the backdrop of this beautiful butter bedroom just add a slight break in color that is just enough to make this calming space pleasant and warm.

Turned on to Marsala
Adding this bold color to the shade of a light fixture like these gorgeous chandeliers or even the lamps on the side tables is a great way to incorporate this color into a space.