Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Super Bowls: Score Big with These Design Favorites

It may not be Sunday yet, but I wanted to showcase some bowls that are exceptional and in a league of their own.  Bowls are a designer's dream - the right bowl can leave a small footprint while making a giant impact in any space.  They are versatile, utilitarian and gorgeous all at the same time - definitely a MVD (most valuable decor) of any space.  Take a look at some of my favorites.

This is a personal favorite that I actually have in my own home.  It is such a beautiful stand alone piece but when filled with a pop of color - like a bright citrus fruit - it really takes center stage.

I am just in awe of the beauty of this bowl.  The blue against the white china paired with such gorgeous design is just stunning.  The hand-painted attention to detail is simply magnificent. 

Clearly inspired by nature, Aram designs products that can fit any space.  What I love about his design is its simplicity and subtlety but also its strong potential to become an owner's favorite item in the room.   

Annieglass' Roman Antique Gold Ruffle Deep Oval Bowl
This particular designer caught my eye and I wanted to make sure to include her on our "Super Bowl" list.  Her designs are unique and versatile and just memorizing.

I love nesting bowls because they are beautiful on their own but create such a different design element when they are all together.  In the case of these bowls, the gold leaf interior reflects on the glazed white exterior to create a completely new color for the nested bowls.  Proving that a great team can change the game.

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