Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nelson Bubble Lamps: Inspiring Us & Inspiring Others

We love to see when products we use in our designs are features elsewhere.  We recently saw the George Nelson Bubble Lamps featured in Design Within Reach Magazine & it inspired us to share our story about them.

In 2007 we installed these Bubble Lamps in our Hilton Garden Inn Tea Garden design.  We made the decision to stagger the length at which the lamps were hung & included a variety of shapes. The overall design of the space incorporated many Asian inspired elements, & these lighting fixtures were a perfect fit. 

In a large hospitality space, these grouped light fixtures help to anchor the seating below.  The red ceiling plates were our design addition.  We wanted each of these groupings to feel complete & stand on their own while still playing off of each other to create a cohesive look across the space.

We brought in a scaled down version of the larger fixtures to light up this nook & help to better tie the two spaces together.  Hilton was so impressed by this Nelson Bubble Lamp installation that they made it a requirement of all of their Hilton Garden Inn property lobbies across the brand.  Quite a compliment to inspire such a large overture of our original design.

Fast forward over 7 years and we see Design Within Reach featuring the same Nelson Bubble Lamps in their retail locations.  We have worked with and respect Design Within Reach for many years.  They have featured such wonderful designers over the years - George Nelson is definitely one of them.


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