Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bright & Fresh: Floral Patterns For Your Space

As March comes to a close, Spring is definitely in the air and on our minds.  Bringing in floral patterns to the home is a great way to keep it bright and fresh no matter the season.  Long gone are the days of your grandmother's wallpaper and moving in are upgraded looks with classic appeal and contemporary lines. Whether you prefer large pattern like Anna French's Tuileries or small print multi floral like Peacock Alley's Eloise collection or anywhere in between, there is a perfect floral out there for every style, taste and space.
Anna French Tulieries by Thibaut has amazing detail and a gorgeous color palette.

 Perfect for a hallway, powder room or small nook in your home, this beautiful pattern adds a natural element to the space that is simply elegant.
Peacock Alley's Eloise Collection includes this beautiful short robe as well as the gorgeous bedding shown below.  Fashion and interior design often cross trend paths.

Bedding is a great way to add floral to your space.  By creating a smaller print with floral images, the bedding becomes a more modern classic than traditional.

Pillows are always a great way to add accent to your space.  You can mix and match floral patterns while staying in the same color families for a customized look. 

This pillow and the one above from Eastern Accents would be a great pairing on a sofa or settee.