Thursday, April 16, 2015

Designer's Best Pick: Young Creative Minds

It was a pleasure to be part of the panel at Career Night with the IFDA (International Furnishings and Design Association) and the Home Department at Fashion Institute of Technology.  Speaking to these young talents is always an amazing experience.  We were able to discuss with them what an employer looks for in a design talent. 

Over the years, I have developed a strong internship program through American & International Designs, Inc.  Working with young minds is always inspiring and brings a fresh outlook to the business.  More importantly, I help them to develop their skills for being not only a part of the design world but a productive member of the business world.  What many young professionals often take for granted is the ability to assimilate into a work environment at an entry level.  What are seemingly small details can make all of the difference when it is time to hire - the ability to be professional is a major scale tipper.

We work with local universities, the city of New York, and other community groups to find creative minds looking to enhance their skills.  Often we hire design interns, but have also worked with interns specializing in file management, social media communications and online public relations.  It is amazingly rewarding to give back to this fabulous city and work with such bright, dedicated and strong individuals. 

Opportunities like this Career Night panel and other industry panels give us a great perspective on the fluctuation of the design world.  Our unique business structure and plethora of experiences help to provide the attendees with tools and ideas for moving forward.  As a bonus, we are often inspired by them too!