Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Honoring Women Who Inspire Us....Just Like Mom

"I grew up as one of five children with a working mother.  She was a supervisor of the catalog department at Sears Roebuck.  I remember her getting ready and out the door each day for work complete with high heels and a matching handbag then coming home to take care of all of us.  She loved to decorate the house with the change of seasons and especially for the holidays.  She never missed a beat.

Her love of decorating is something I will always treasure because it helped guide me into interior design and she taught me to always persevere.  I love Mother's Day because it reminds me how influential my mother is in my own life and career."
--Susan Arann

As we honor our mothers this upcoming weekend, we would also like to take the time to celebrate some great "mothers" of product design.  Much like our mothers encourage us to be our best, these ladies of the design industry inspire us to design our best.  These amazing women have nurtured their talent and raised their craft into beautiful product and lucrative businesses.

We love the classic elegance of Barbara's designs.  Her furniture has function and purpose but not without beauty and grace.   We pulled these furniture pieces because we love the traditional feel of the piece paired with modern materials and accessories.  Metal and wood woven beautifully together; clean lines that create timelessness; artful, thoughtful and simply gorgeous.

From Barbara's website: "I live unabashedly for beauty, both inner and outer, and I always have. ...  My mother .. was full of original ideas and taught me to believe in my own.  One of her greatest lessons she embodied and passed down to me was that style had nothing to do with money and everything to do with how you felt about yourself... in a word, 'confidence.' "

Holly Hunt could quite possibly be the mother of interior design show rooms.  At the very least she certainly raised the bar for the industry with her innovative business sense and her keen eye for design.  We especially love her lighting designs which showcase her creativity and attention to detail.

The pendant light has a lighter bronze interior which reflects so much additional light.  We love the warm glow that is creates.  The amazing floor lamp is perfect in a reading nook next to your favorite chair.  We love the way it seamlessly fits into a space, as if it were always there.

Largely inspired by both her mother and grandmother, Rebecca Swanson grew up surrounded by a love of gardening and art.  With such strong influences, it is no wonder that her fine art photography showcases such care and pride.  

Bringing the beauty of nature into a home creates a relaxing ambiance to the space.  We love the way that Rebecca focuses on the pops of color painted by Mother Nature to bring a feeling a splendor to something so inherently beautiful.

Kim Seybert saw a need in the market and sought to fill it.  She is now the leading designer in table top design bringing back the idea of dressing the table but making it applicable to everyday dining.  Just as a mother prepares a family dinner, Kim Seybert prepares a perfect setting "one that celebrates the finer things and appreciates the joys of togetherness".

We love the color that is brought to the table, making any meal feel special.  Kim's bold use of color and pattern combine to make a festive feast for the eyes.  If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the kitchen table is definitely the pulse of a family - why not kick it up a beat?

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers around the world.  Thank you for inspiring us to smell the roses and reach for the stars and everything in between!

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