Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Designer at Sea

Even on vacation, a designer's eye never rests.  I recently journeyed the British Isles on a 10 day cruise aboard the Royal Princess.  What an amazing ship!  Almost 2 ago, the Royal Princess was christened by Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, so it is no wonder she is such an elegant vessel.

This particular ship was over 1000 feet long and over 200 feet tall with 19 decks.  It impressively held over 3500 passengers but you never felt crowded.  There were so many amenities throughout the ship that the experience was a calm and relaxing get away.

Pool side lounging is always a must on a cruise, but I was surprised to find there were so many different areas to relax between excursions and activities.  A beautiful one was aptly named "The Sanctuary" and really was a place to find that inner peace.  The decor and furnishings featured simple, clean lines with neutral colors and natural touches.

Every corner of this ship was designed so precisely.  Everywhere I looked I was impressed by the quality of materials, lighting choices, decorative applications and overall attention to detail.  Even more impressive was the attention to safety as all items were expertly secured to accommodate the nature of being part of a moving ship.

One of my favorite places to dine was the Crown Point Steakhouse.  Besides the meal being top notch, the beautiful wood work and rich colors created a true steakhouse atmosphere.  With so many different dining options on the ship, it was interesting to see how the design of each was so individual to the cuisine while still staying true to the overall ship ambiance.

As a licensed and certified interior designer of hospitality spaces, I was often in awe of the pristine cleanliness throughout this massive vessel.  Without missing a beat, every shelf, sink and stall was always fully stocked and immaculately clean.  It is attention to detail like this that sets Princess cruise line apart in the world of sea-faring hospitality.  And the Royal Princess herself is an aptly named vessel.  Elegant and beautiful at every turn, it was an amazing experience from a designer's perspective as well as a passenger's.