Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Perfectly Patriotic Palette

In honor of this great nation's upcoming birthday, we decided to break down the patriotic palette to take a closer look at the red, white and blue that represent the USA.  As a licensed and certified interior designer, I am often asked how I choose color.  This is an inside look at the process.

Part of the warm color group, red is the most intense of the colors.  It signifies strength, warmth, energy, passion and power.  Using red as the base color of a room creates an intimate setting. Mixing patterns helps to break up this powerful color while still creating a striking design.


 Using red as a pop of color helps to draw the eye and focus attention.  This is a versatile color in design as it can hit with modern and flair with traditional. 

In direct opposition from red, blue is part of the cool color group. Blue has a calming effect, slowing the metabolism and centering the mind and body.  Blue reminds us of stability, loyalty, trust and wisdom. It is a powerful color often used by financial companies and bank branches.  

Adding blue to a bedroom promotes restfulness and relaxation.  This boys room shows many different variations of blue that all work well together with pops of red and white.  

Using a light blue to tie into the natural water views creates a calming effect in this coastal living room.  When choosing the right color for a space, it isn't just about what matches the design, but how will this color be received by the owners and their guests.

The purest of colors represents cleanliness, light and goodness.  It reminds us of fresh, new beginnings and evokes hopefulness.  Using white in any space helps to brighten the room instantly.  It is a perfect color for a kitchen or dining nook paired with gray and silver accents, keeping the space crisp and clean at all times.  

White also helps to open a space and reflects light well.  Installing a two toned white wall covering in this hall used mostly for wedding receptions helps to enhance the hopefulness that a wedding promotes.  Adding silver adorned white-leather arm chairs mimics the sleek beauty of a bridal gown.

It is no surprise that the colors of our great country's flag signify strength, power, loyalty, wisdom, goodness and hope.  We wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July and may your patriotic colors run ever deeper!