Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Renderings: A Visual Guide to Successful Client Relationships

Whenever I travel or visit a showroom, I always have my clients in mind.  Often a piece or collection stands out to me as something that would work well in their space and the inspiration becomes a full blown design as I am admiring the display.  As a licensed and certified interior designer, it is my job to communicate this vision to the client in the most accurate way possible.

As an example, below is a photo I took of a showroom display.  I have a client whom I know loves the sleek, clean lines of modern pieces.  This idea of floating entertainment units and shelving was something that I knew they would love as much as I did.

With the showroom photo as my inspiration, I created a rendering - or detailed design drawing - of the room the client hired me to design.  I make sure that the drawings and fixtures of the room - like doors, windows, stairs - are to scale and in place.  The focal point of this space is a version of the entertainment center from the showroom.  My design brings in swivel seating, a glass cocktail table and a beautiful yellow leather sofa to play off of the blue accent wall.  I make sure to incorporate color and accessories so that the client can clearly see my complete vision for the space.

Before your eyes hit the fabulous bar area on the rendering below - take a look at the background of this drawing.  Notice anything familiar?  I included the first rendering as a sketch as to give the client some spacial perspective on the entire area.

I only show color in the area I want them to focus their eyes on, in this case the bar area which has a floating wall of shelves mimicking the original inspirational display.  The lowered ceiling panel helps to set this space apart from the rest of the open room and allows for an intimate gathering space.  The ceiling also mirrors the floating base cabinets by being suspended as well.  Materials and accessories will bring in the same blue from the first drawing along with reds and greens to help create defined spaces.

Renderings are a wonderful tool for a designer and a great asset for creating an exceptional client experience.  One of the main reasons clients hire licensed and certified interior designers is for their ability to not only visualize the potential in a space but their talent in translating the design accurately and effectively. 

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